its been a long long time since i blog!!
am busy busy busy due to work. but it finally ended on friday!! muhaha.
its been a fun-filled 11 weeks, not forgetting the stress of cause.
the past whole month had almost became a routine of daily activities, meetups and rushing work.
i have 500 over hundreds of photos stored all over in my laptop, i cannot really remember exactly what i did. i only know i am in need of rest badly now, and the best thing?


*to all the peeps i cannot meetup, i’m so sorry cause due to time constrict. but i promise promise to meet up with all of you when i am back from beijing alright ! ♥

(heavy images ahead. i’ll just do a pictorial, its way faster. haha)

let’s do the hectic work scene first. been working in ST on weekdays, and alternate weekends for calvin. though its kinda rush and tiring, its like working 24/7 non stop, than i still have to meet frens for dinner and my own gym, its just crazy!! budden no matter what we still managed to have fun, i’m glad i have very nice working colleagues whom became very nice frens 🙂

fun filled workwork @ parkway parade for ideals car

work @ ST

the random trips – steamboat @ terence

somewhere back, we finally had steamboat at terence house after so damn long. we bought so much we had duno how many rounds of it, all i remembered was we feast for almost 4 or so hours in total. hungry monster!!

pinic @ ECP
it was a very hyperly random weekend, and we decided to have pinic over at east coat park since i want to check out the new PLAYGROUND area.
we sure had a good exercise walking from 1 end of the park to another end, total 4hours!! was totally drained off with all that walk. i want to play the water skii!! super exciting 🙂

ben&jerry @ dempsy hill
i whine and i whine and i finally made my way to dempsy hill.
that was after 1 time failure, calling terence and telling me the WRONG ROAD.
ended up i had to get my colleague to draw us the map before we try hitting the place again.
this time we found 🙂
it’s gorgeous, if you like the laidback area wth just martinis,a bottle of red wine to sip or perhaps some icecream and coffee to laze around. ♥

doggies parade @ paris ris
decided to drop by my colleague side ashe’s bringing his dog for some compeition since he’s been asking. nice for him to ask me along and show me all the cutie dogs from all over. it was really interesting to look at all the dogs and their “hotels & stuff”. 🙂
for some reason my fren prefer his dog more than anything, that includes his wife and his bike. tsktsk.

dinner with the girls
its been a month and my dear is back form suzhou! miss her loads and gave her a big surprise at the airport. sorry we had to make such a big round to bluff you, but wasnt you overjoyed when you saw us waiitng for you at the entrance? muhahaha.

how can we bear to let you come home alone after not meeting so long 🙂
your mummy kept saying i was more important than her, now i know. haha.

thanks for the dinner with your family. it was wonderful although ITS VERY LATE CONSIDERED WE ARE EATING DINNER. but im glad you had fun over there 🙂

and than we decided to have dinner so we can blast all the gossips and chitty chat we missed over the month. i wanted to go for hair cut session with colleen, ended up she does it with caryn and spend so bloody long there, me and wenns almost died of hunger. dont do this to us again,before wenns eat the sweets wrapper down too.

family gatheringno signboard restaurant
supposed to help audrey work on mummys’ day that weekend, so couldnt make it on the actual day fo celebration.daddys’ day was also not in town so choose to dine at the esplanade outlet 1 week beforehand.
NO REGRETS. muahhaha
the food was awesome, and the crab was fantastic!! talk about that, i think i’ve been on a crab trail recently, too much that i am getting abit sick of it:(
both dad & mom enjoyed, so did us ♥

shokudo @ raffles city
got a treat from aunt angela & jen as a send-off dinner before i fly beijing. was way too busy to go back their house for the weekly family gathering. thanks for the treat, was a different experience at there.
it operates just like marche style, but serving all different kinds of japanese food which can be quite interesting. everything seems to be nice and captivating, just dont over drool while inside. ♥♥

birthday bashbryan’s 21st
got invited to bryan’s 21st at downtown east chalet straight after working at suntec. was dead tired but still managed to bring myself over to wish him. the big 21!! was eventful, cake smashing fun. i see the big key cake and your spontenous dragon boater frens.

the birthdays – with the girls
gathered together and celebrated my birthday with the girls. annually its been the same, the 3 of us always together. but it was really advanced this time, not in town during june.
tried the steamboat at hotpot culture,their serving of food was just like zichar la, unlimited!!! i know i sound like some kiasu people here, BUDDEN ITS REALLY ALOT LA.
thanks for all the gifts and thoughts from you guys 🙂 and of cause being send home by 3 guys and 1 girl is an honour, haha. including you all nearly stayed over till morning.

birthday @ MOF with caryn&dears
first day back to NYP.
feeling kinda out of place,was stoning most of the time.
anyway we were so slack we stayed in the lab for less than an hour when we were scheduled to stay in from 830 to 4pm. decided to go for long lunch break before heading back for meeting.

and they helped me celebrate my birthday over at MOF. many thanks to ALL OF YOU ♥ cause the cake DOES come as a surprise!! and of cause caryn for the lovely album of photos over the years we spent, and the box of favourite cookies dear sarnie bought. seriously heart all of you for everything 🙂
i really do.

@ mount faber
dinner at mount faber was the most beautiful view you could ever ask for on top.
i ♥ the settings, the atmosphere, the food, the company and every bit of things.
thanks for all you done, appreciated 🙂

side track abit.went over to the flyer just to see see look look. awfully hot, freaky crowded with nothing much there,bloody humid weather. awwwww.
i just stay there merely 15mins and i cannot take it anymore, imagine staying in the hot container for half an hour, i cannot imagine and boy am i lucky i never take the ride.

graduation day
i got reminded and reminded AND reminded again to attend this jason graduation day held in NYP. he called me at 7+ early in the morning just to double confirm am i going down to meet him anot!! luckily i am already awake and getting ready to go school if not i swear i’ll kick his ass for sure,muahha.
and he made me and colleen waited for half an hour, just to take photos.
argh!! i better have my donald duck when i am back form beijing and when you POP.

and that finally ended my superduper long winded entry with the past month of stuff i did. (thats all i cna remember givenmy current dreamy and ultra tired state)i took 4hours to blog ok! no idea how to wake up 3 hours later, and i see my room damn messy with all my luggage and things lying around, not touched nor pack.
shit and its wednesday tomorrow, and i have yet to rest 1 single day. zzz

*just want to say, i heart every single of you whom i mention on this blog and even not stated here, i just want to say i ♥ and treasure every single fren, esp close ones. no special reason, but i just want you all to know, frenship is the top priority for me besides my family & studies.

good nights world.